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McCorkle Construction Company

McCorkle Construction Company is a client driven general contractor of commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings, including Design-build projects. The company is based in Orlando, Florida and was founded in November of 1995, by Andrew L. McCorkle. Mr. McCorkle’s 26 years of experience in the industry has been widely respected as one of Florida’s premier contractors.

McCorkle Construction Company is a leader in the construction industry in Florida. The company enjoys a reputation of skill, integrity, and responsibility. As a growth oriented company, McCorkle Construction Company recognizes that people are its most valuable and important resource. Members of the McCorkle team have years of experience in their respective fields, and are some of the industry's finest talent.

The company is a drug free workplace and has a strict safety policy enforced among all McCorkle personnel as well as subcontractors. McCorkle Construction Company has had no major accidents since its inception, only a few minor ones, virtually accident free in the last several years. The company provides a comprehensive fringe benefits package that enables it to attract and retain the construction industry’s top personnel.

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